What Clients Say



Some of the kind, and hopefully justified, things that people have said about my work over the years!


Her advice, guidance and gentle suggestions have helped transform our approach to teaching…I certainly have never met anyone in any school I have taught in who has such an understated and yet profound fascination with learning and is so prescient and knowledgeable about the most important and enduring developments in educational theory and practice.”

Simon Marshall, Deputy Head (Academic), University College School 2011

“Robyn has been a huge help these past couple of months. She’s helped me with my exam technique and how to approach exam questions. Additionally, she has been a wonderful companion to talk to about my struggles at school and she has taught me how to deal with stress. I would recommend her to any student that is struggling with their exams or just needs a little extra help and support.”

Dolly, GCSE student, Camden School, 2016

“After trying half a dozen specialist support teachers at school and elsewhere without finding anybody who could help my daughter with her working memory problems, we were delighted to discover Robyn. From our first meeting she was welcoming, organised but informal, highly skilled and empathetic, tolerant of unpunctuality and encouraging at every stage. However Dolly does in her exams, she will go into them calmer, happier and better prepared with Robyn’s help.”

Sheila, Dolly’s mother, 2016

“Robyn is a very kind gentle tutor who is very helpful. I have really enjoyed doing brain teasers and have also loved doing descriptive writing.”

Beatrix, Year 5, Coleridge Primary School, 2016

We feel that the sessions have definitely helped her gain confidence in the classroom as well as developing a calmer approach to working with us at home.”

Ellie, Beatrix’s mother, 2016

“Robyn is so kind and helpful and really supported me to structure my thoughts onto paper. I feel more confident doing revision for may end of year exams and now have a wide range of techniques which have helped take away a lot of stress about tests and homework.”

Gabriel, Year 8, Aldenham School, 2016

“Gentle and clear, informed but not dictatorial, innovative and logical, her approach to supporting children to decipher and articulate thoughts and esteem themselves as learners is what so many students need. Robyn shares novel, broad ranging leaning techniques, explores topics in a way that inspires the imagination and instils clear ways to hold onto information. All of this in a nurturing environment where a child is seen, heard and valued. My son now has valuable tools for the classroom, the exam setting and life in general.”

Grace, Gabriel’s mother, 2016

 “Robyn is brilliant at helping students to understand how to help themselves, move forward with their learning and reach their full potential.”

Sarah Miller, Junior School Learning Support Coordinator, University College School

 “Robyn Spencer helped me immensely at such a crucial age. I shall never forget our lessons together, the confidence they built in me and the learning techniques I grasped. Robyn is a great teacher: patient, kind and very clear.”

Rocco, Creative Researcher in Endemol’s Development Department

“Wise, perceptive, resourceful; I admire her work unreservedly.”

Rona, Rocco’s Mum

“Robyn Spencer’s approach to learning has had an invaluable effect on my studies and my passion for my subject, English. Spanning my entire school career, she has coached, nurtured and prepared me in almost every aspect of my educational life. She is insightful, even-tempered and full of wisdom, and gifted in her ability to provide an objective assessment of your potential and goals. I was a student that had difficulties with organisation, behaviour and time-management, and Robyn’s expertise catered to all of these issues with sensitivity. Engaged with in an active manner, her guidance can have an infectious and intellectually exciting effect.”

 David, University College, London University English student

 ”Having weekly lessons with Robyn has meant that we have been able to pin point the way in which my dislexia effects how I learn. We have addapted everything, from the way I organise my time to taking notes in lessons, so that I no longer struggle as a result of being dyslexic. I feel extremely supported and in control of my work as a result of having lessons with Robyn.”

May, Sixth Form student, Westminster School

  ”Robyn has helped my youngest daughter enormously, both practically with organisation and new approaches to her work, but also by giving her confidence to tackle things that she previously found very difficult. Robyn has also been wonderful about keeping in touch with me and addressing my concerns. Her approach is always calm and supportive and her solutions practical and thorough. The experience has been a highly beneficial one.”

Susie, May’s Mum

 ”I sought the assistance of Robyn Spencer while I was completing my A-levels and during the first year of my undergraduate degree. She helped me with general study skills and methodologies, including techniques for dealing with the vast quantities of information I had to learn. The assistance she provided was and remains an important contributor to my academic achievement and I continue to use the skills she taught me. I highly recommend her.”

Adam, PhD student in the genetics of complex diseases

“…a stimulating, fresh approach to thinking about learning and how to understand and change individual difficulties with reading and studying…….”

Susan Philips, Psychologist

 “I referred students to Robyn as I felt her sessions not only helped to pinpoint the specific issues affecting the student but, more importantly, gave the student confidence and a positive attitude towards the learning process.  Robyn engaged and encouraged the students and  employed various techniques to help students optimise their potential.” 

Jennifer Kung, Sixth Form Tutor, University College School

Discussion club (Philosophy for Children) gave me a grounding in how to engage in discussion by building on what others have said and by not resorting to unnecessary and bellicose arguments ……. My life may have turned out very differently if not for this fantastic club.”

Oxford University languages student